Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project

United Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited (UPOIC) is going a further step in its technical innovation and environmental commitment. In order to contribute to reduce impacts on the climate change, UPOIC decided to go an ecologically and economic way in their operation through renewing their traditional waste water treatment.

The new technology to apply shall reduce Green House Gases in a two fold way – capturing methane gas from the waste water through a modern type of biodigester, thus reducing methane emission which is very aggressive to the atmosphere and using the methane for energy generation, subsequently reducing fossil fuel consumption through reducing future demand from grid-electricity.

This concept bears some risk in applying technology which does not have long-term performance experiences in Thailand and requires a complete restructuring of the waste water treatment. Due to the environmental benefits (emission reduction) of the project, UPOIC intends to apply for CDM for this project. Therefore, UPOIC already started early actions to learn more about participating on CDM under the Kyoto Protocol and to evaluate applicability of the project under this mechanism.

  • 2005-2006, PDD Writing Training in Capacity Building Project, Supported by Ministry of The Environment Japan , Institute for Global Environmental strategies (IGES) and Thailand Environmental Institute (TEI)

  • 22 AUG 2007, Discuss and Select CDM Project Consultant

  • 23 AUG 2007, Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholder (EGM) minutes of CDM Project

    • 10 OCT 2007, Employed Biogas System Designer and Consultant (Energy Research and Development Institute ( EDRI), Chieng Mai University)